it was difficult to find a home church

I loved going to Church for many years, but one day I left and didn’t go back.  I had served and was very blessed over the years but I started to question a few things – why was church becoming such a performance with so much time, energy and resources being consumed to keep the increasingly complex infrastructure going, but at the same time the presence of God seemed more distant?

I noticed a number of topics seemed to be swept under the carpet out of fear of offending others.?  Radical things were happening in our country but it seemed many who were leading didn’t want to touch controversial topics.  Those seeking the truth were often dismissed as not being mainstream enough or conspiracy theorists.

Added to my discontent was the drive for more funds to buy more buildings when at the same time house prices in New Zealand were becoming so insanely expensive that the young and those without homes were rapidly becoming poorer and more desperate.  Again, nothing was said – perhaps because many were benefiting from all the money printing.  “Just borrow up big and join the ponzi scheme too” seemed to be the culture.

The idea of house churches began to make more and more sense to me.  More emphasis could be put on enjoying each others company, studying the Word and how it applied to our lives, and funds could be used to support those struggling rather than supporting the complex infrastructure.  The simplicity of meeting together took all the pressure off and made church fun again.

 I knew there were others like me and had heard of the occasional house church, but I struggled to find where they were.  I looked and asked but couldn’t find any.  So I started this website to help others like me find like-minded Christians that want to live out the simplicity of an authentic Christian life.

I hope in some way we can help connect you with others nearby that have a similar desire to go back to the future and meet house to house.

“Our mission is to help you find a group of authentic, fun and alive christians near you to meet regularly and grow in your faith"