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there's more than you realise

House churches are flourishing all over New Zealand but they can be difficult to find.  At we simply want to help you connect with other like-minded people in your area.  We are non-denominational and have no association with any movement or organisation – except Christ.  We simply created this site to help people connect with other Christians and flourish in their faith.


we CRAVE CLOSENESS AND genuine friendships

Warmth and friendship is a natural longing of our soul. We want to connect, and help others when they are in need, as well as being helped ourselves when we are in need. The World can be lonely and cold but it's natural to want to meet with like-minded people who genuine accept us as we are. House churches can be very uncomplicated and warm and easy to simply be real.

many have left traditional faith communities

Some of us are hurt and frustrated, some disillusioned, others burnt out. Some don't want to see so much money going into buildings, or maybe some are concerned how churches approached Covid. The list is very long but despite what's happened to you it's still important to do life with other Christians or we can potentially become isolated and drift away from God.

we're going back to the future

After Christ and before 300AD it was common for Christians to meet together from house to house. It was decentralised and uncomplicated. The Ekklesia (greek word for gathering) grew organically and there was no denominations or buildings. Simplicity reigned. Is there a natural return to the roots of Christianity in these times?

simplicity is a beautiful thing

Traditions and structure can sometimes give us a sense of security. But often they require a lot of work, money and effort to keep going. And sometimes we question how much benefit they bring. Many who have started down the home church path just love the ease and uncomplicated enjoyment that comes from simplicity. It just feels right